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Windows 7: Buy early!

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Do you want to buy a computer now, and want Windows 7? Well you can. Most computer sellers are currently selling new systems where you buy the computer now with Windows Vista and when Windows 7 releases October 22, you’ll get a copy of it to upgrade your computer!

Windows 7 Upgrade

Find Windows 7 Upgrade information here!

Microsoft and select computer manufacturers, such as but not limited to Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, Sony and more, have entered into a cooperation to provide select computers with FREE upgrades to Windows 7 upon release. In order to find out which computer manufacturers and models qualify visit Microsoft’s website for a detailed list. One disadvantage to the upgrade option is that you must perform your own update to Windows 7 once you receive the installation disk by mail.

So if you’re debating on buying a new PC, now you don’t have to wait to get Windows 7 and a new machine. Buy the computer now, get Windows 7 later!

“Intel: Windows 7 will deploy faster than Vista”

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Windows 7

CNET states in their article (Intel: Windows 7 will deploy faster than Vista), that Intel’s sales chief Sean Maloney believes that the business industry is hungry for Windows 7.

Intel's Sales Chief Sean Maloney

Online Promotion Scams

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Greg Sandoval for CNET posted a scary article this morning. Check it out below., Orbitz linked to controversial marketers

Wow, I’ve used Orbitz before. Now before you go and get all paranoid about using the internet, let’s review some common sense steps to take when purchasing online.

First, make sure the website you are using has a secure connection to process your credit card (https:) and usually there is a marking with a logo saying that the security is verified.
However, in the article you read above, this wouldn’t help you any, because your information was securely collected, but then sold to another company. It was once a common practice that if you are signing up for something you are safe as long as you don’t provide your credit card information. That is not the case anymore. You need to be extra cautious now when you use your email address to sign up for something.

Also make sure you keep on top of your finances and credit card transactions! A company I use and highly recommend is will compile all of your credit cards and bank account information into one easy to use location. They will also send you alerts by e-mail or text when you have done anything unusual, or when you have a low balance, ect. One of the really nice features of is that it will after a couple months develop a recommended budget for you.

Windows 7 Complete

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Windows 7 is complete! Don’t know what it is, well it’s the new operating system from Microsoft to replace Vista! As many of you know Vista has caused a lot of mixed emotions during it’s existence. Windows 7 is designed to increase the performance and look of the OS. Check out this video from CNET on Windows Vista 7.

If you are like me, or like most windows users, you want more than one window at a time. Windows 7 will allow you to view two windows at the same time easily! Most software applications that handle multiple windows provide tiling options (Tile Horizontal, Tile Vertical) where the application takes all open windows within that app and display and re-size them all so they are all visible. Window 7 will now do this amongst different application you have open!

Familiar with Mac OS X? Well there are some Mac OS X looking features in Windows 7. The taskbar is all new as you just saw in the video, providing fast and easy program docking.

Well the hype is there, and the industry is expecting Windows 7 to be a success and give a helpful boost to the struggling tech industry. The scheduled release date is in October 2009. So if you are planning on buying a new computer in the next couple of months, you might want to wait till October and give Windows 7 a try. We’ll see how it does. I don’t have a pre-release copy of it, but I know some people who have run it, and they liked it’s improvements over Vista. Time will tell!