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Christmas Screensavers

Monday, December 14th, 2009

This time of year many people download Christmas screen savers, including the favorites with snow falling and a nice warm fireplace near the Christmas tree with lights twinkling. Well just be warned, before you download that ‘cute’ screensaver, know this, bad things can be wrapped in pretty packages. Often these screen savers or other ‘cute’ little applications are just a wrapper for gaining access to your computer, allowing for spyware and even trojans and viruses to be installed. Back in college I remember as I was working for the SPC (Student Provided Computer) service on campus, I made extra money during the holiday season, because I had to clean computers after screen savers where downloaded.

How do you avoid this? Well first don’t download that cute screen saver. Do you really need it? If you are the one that answered yes to that question then be prepared to read all the fine print. Even after you are done reading all the fine print, know that you computer still may not be safe.

Now I’m not going to preach doom and gloom to your computer, but just be aware of the malicious attacks that can be done through the innocence of downloading a ‘cute’ screensaver.