Web Maintenance Plans

Periodic Updates Frequent Updates
Not sure if you might want something to change on your website in the future?

Then PCS On-Demand Web Maintenance is for you.  For only $75/hour we'll change anything1 you need updated on your website.
Is your website frequently updated? Setup a service maintenance package for only $85/month!
Price includes
  • basic hosting package ($20/month value)
  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Maintenance2
  • PDF File Creation
  • Text Updates
  • Photo Updates
  • Add / Delete Pages4

Web Maintenance Services:

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization Maintenance - If your website content is constantly changing, know that your changes don't effect your search engine visibility.2

PDF File Creation - content on your website without the risk of it being manipulated.  We will convert any Microsoft Office document, text document, picture, or Open Office Document you have into a PDF version.

Text Updates - PCS will change your text on your website for you.3

Add / Delete Pages - Do you need a new page added or removed on your site, let us take care of it for you!4

Photo Updates - PCS will upload your new photos for you and make sure that they fit appropriately in the place you would like.

1.  Minimum cost for On-Demand Web Maintenance is $20.  Updates do not include website redesign, altering more than 50% of the overall appearance of the website, .
2.  (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Maintenance is only available on websites that have been developed by PCS.
3.  PCS will inform client of text that doesn't fit in the spot chosen.
4.  Add / Delete of pages is only available on websites that have been developed by PCS.
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